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Coffee is a magical product, it’s perhaps the most powerful social beverage and has unprecedented benefits to human health, but..

The coffee industry can be an untransparent industry and dark place; more often than not, coffee farmers are exploited and their needs are neglected. The mass trading of coffee, the commodity exchange does not include a safe guarding for coffee producers to guarantee a minimum price for their coffee, nor for a living income. We see soils are being depleted, pesticides are increasingly being used and overall coffee quality is declining. 

Ikigai Coffee is dedicated to create more opportunities on both sides of the value chain with collaborate growth as result. By covering costs of production and living income, the coffee production becomes more sustainable and equitable. A great variety of value points can then be added. Our focus is on finding unique flavour profiles and taste notes.

Coffee quality matters, human lives matter more. Combining the two creates a better cup for all.



#8 Greg Meenahan & Kimberly Easson – Equal Origins (English)

In this episode we’re talking to Greg Meenahan and Kimberly Easson, both from Equal Origins, The Partnership for Gender Equity. We’re discussing Gender Equity vs ...
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Lotje Kaak

#7 Lotje Kaak – FairTrade Original (FTO) (Dutch)

In this episode I’m talking to Lotje Kaak, the Sourcing & Development Manager at FairTrade Original (FTO). Lotje is one of the driving forces at ...
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Isabel van Bemmelen with a microphone on a purple background

#6 Isabel van Bemmelen

In this episode I’m talking to Isabel van Bemmelen, the Managing Director of Progreso Foundation and the Blockchain based global trading platform BeyCo. Isabel is ...
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Maarten van Keulen

#5: Maarten van Keulen

In this episode I’m talking to Maarten van Keulen; Founder of Circular Coffee Collective, Circular Coffee Fund and Co-founder of This Side up Coffees. Maarten ...
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meine van der graaf

#4: Meine van der Graaf (Dutch)

In this episode I’m talking to Meine van der Graaf, the initiator of The Futureproof Coffee Collective by MVO Nederland. A collective of coffee professionals ...
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Juan Pablo Lasso Argote

#3: Juan Pablo Lasso Argote

  In this episode I am talking to my Colombian friend Juan Pablo Lasso Argote from Argote Specialty Coffee. Juan Pablo (41) is a fourth ...
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