#8 Greg Meenahan & Kimberly Easson – Equal Origins (English)

In this episode we’re talking to Greg Meenahan and Kimberly Easson, both from Equal Origins, The Partnership for Gender Equity.

We’re discussing Gender Equity vs Equality in the coffee industry. What is the current state and what decisions can be made for roasters or importers to improve situations

Equal Origins aims at becoming a knowledge platform for all individually operating gender equity projects, providing connections and improving collaborative impact.

Find out more on www.equalorigins.org.


About Greg Meenahan:

Greg Meenahan has focused his career on removing barriers to human development and prosperity. By bringing people and organizations together to achieve social, environmental, and economic impact for disadvantaged people around the world, his experience and skills have been leveraged by a range of nonprofits missions, like literacy development in Guatemala at Child Aid, agronomic and genetic research and development at World Coffee Research, and program development at the Partnership for Gender Equity.


About Kimberly Easson:

For more than twenty years, Kimberly Easson has dedicated herself to improving the lives of small-scale farmers, particularly in coffee and for women. While at Coffee Quality Institute she oversaw a multi-year USAID funded project in Ethiopia to strengthen coffee sector institutions and increase linkages to high value markets. Previously, as the Director of Producer Services and Relations at Fairtrade International in Bonn, Germany, she held responsibility for producer capacity building services for 1 million+ Fairtrade producers in 63 countries. Her efforts with Fairtrade over fifteen years were instrumental in securing high value market linkages for producer organizations with traders, manufacturers and retailers in the US, Canada and Europe. She served four years as member of the Board of Directors of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), co-founded the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA).






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