Flow Blend

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Flow Blend


Get in a state of flow

We’re proud of our blend with a great combination of tastes:

√ Brazilian beans for the chocolate and nutty flavors.

√ Rwandese beans for the fruity sweetness.

√ Specialty robusta for spices and extra body.

The FLOW blend ingredients:

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More info about the FLOW blend

A state of FLOW, the superpower of a human being in which the sense of self will disappear, time will be forgotten and (creative) performance skyrockets.

A state we also refer to as being ”in the zone” or “in it”.

Entering a state of flow can cause an increase of 200%-250% of cognitive abilities. Tasks can be executed more efficiently and new skills are learnt significantly faster. (Source: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi – FLOW)

The FLOW blend ingredients:

  • Brazil 50%
  • Rwanda 25%
  • Indonesia 25%


The Brazilian coffee beans come from 4 farms in the Norte Pioneiro and Norte Novo region in Parana State. 25% of these beans are naturally fermented and 75% pulped natural.

Naturally fermented coffees are coffee beans that are dried within the fruit which creates more body and overall sweetness in the eventual cup.
Pulped naturals are beans that are depulped and then dried and fermented in the sugary layer that still surrounds the beans, called mucilage. Both are dried until the right moisture content of 9%-11.5% before dehulled of the parchment, the last “jacket” that protects the bean from it’s surroundings, than packed and shipped to us.


A nice fruity Rwandese coffee from the Abakundakawa Rushashi Washing Station with more than 2000 microfarmers connected, a truly progressive washing station and serves as an example of how Rwandan cooperative societies can become sustainable by constantly improving quality and operating sustainably.

In Rwanda we can go as far as guaranteeing an equal payment for connected farmers’ efforts and manage coffee traceability down to the villages surrounding the coop, Minazi, Rutabo and Bulimba.

Farmers selling their cherries to the Abakundakawa Rushashi washing station receive at least 50% more than market value.


Last and not least we added some Indonesian Specialty Robusta to the mix. Usually we are not a big fan of robusta, due to the fact it is always treated as a mass production product for instant coffee, maximizing margins in blends and thus involves no quality control whatsoever. But, until recently some friends of ours on the Island of Flores have started to implement arabica picking and processing techniques on robusta varieties.

Only recently the processing of Robusta has been improved to aim at a higher quality instead of quantity.

Super clean, spicy, full body and fennel. To us this is the ideal ingredient for coffee that’s being used in fully automatic coffee machines at offices or workplaces. It will give your coffee some weight with flavour, instead of creating more body through roasting darker which will eventually destroy your flavours.

Farmers producing our Robusta receive 65% more than what they would receive from the market.

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