#7 Lotje Kaak – FairTrade Original (FTO) (Dutch)

In this episode I’m talking to Lotje Kaak, the Sourcing & Development Manager at FairTrade Original (FTO).

Lotje is one of the driving forces at FTO to develop sustainable and futureproof supply chains in which both sides benefit. With a strong focus on true cost accounting, chain collaboration and development.

FairTrade Original is the company that originally initiated the FairTrade certification system and all products traded via FTO are at least based on this certification system.

Lotje is the person in charge of managing and setting up the supply chains for many product categories including coffee, for the latter was directly involved in connecting with La Red Ecolsierra, a Colombian coffee cooperative. Currently FTO’s pride project.


Find out more on www.fairtradeoriginal.nl

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