#6 Isabel van Bemmelen

In this episode I’m talking to Isabel van Bemmelen, the Managing Director of Progreso Foundation and the Blockchain based global trading platform BeyCo.

Isabel is a highly driven and knowledgeable person in the world of sustainable coffee production and trading and manages the important work of positive progress behind the scenes of the often times troubled coffee industry.

Progreso facilitates connections between farmers, cooperatives, importers an roasters. BeyCo serves as the Blockchain based global trading tool for connections, trading contracts and transaction documentation.

Isabel elaborates on the use of blockchain for BeyCo and why Blockchain is more than just a buzzword.

BeyCo uses smart contracts for data validation in the platform. Validating claims and making it possible to find direct connection to market for farmers while traders can have their collaborative efforts on several value points validated such as coffee pricing and other premiums for example for quality, regenerative agroforestry and many more.


Find out more on www.progreso.nl or www.beyco.nl

Isabel van Bemmelen in the Ikigai coffee podcast


Find out more about Isabel van Bemmelen in this episode:



The coffee we enjoyed during the episode and related to Progreso Foundation was the new Ikigai Coffee LUMEN Blend.

Consisting of specialty Rwandan beans from the village of Rutabo, Rushashi and fine specialty Colombian beans from the small village of Genova, Nariño. Both projects financed by Progreso Foundation and based on an upward spiral to stimulate farmers and producers connected to develop as entrepreneurs.

Ikigai Coffee LUMEN Blend photography

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