Ikigai Coffee – Cold Brew Coffee (0.7l)

Cold Brew Coffee

Ikigai Coffee – Cold Brew Coffee (0.7l)


Brewed upon request, moq of 12 bottles

This Cold Brew Coffee has been extracted from high grade specialty coffee beans from Myanmar.

It contains new coffee flavours that compare more to liquors or high quality spirits than the traditional coffee experience.

Currently this unique beverage is being brewed for and served at Restaurant Ciel Bleu (2** Michelin) as a new guest experience. It creates new possibilities for innovative food pairings.

Good to know: Although we would always promote the learning of knowledge and new skills, we are noticing our Cold Brew Coffee offers a more remarkable experience compared to traditional coffee servings.


Ikigai Coffee – Cold Brew Coffee provides:
  • Maximum quality
  • Innovative guest Experience
  • Positive global impact
  • Minimum effort

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The Process:

The coffee has been specially selected, roasted, ground and brewed for maximum Cold Brew potential.
The extraction process takes 24 hrs in temperatures of between 2-5 degrees Celsius and when the extraction is completed the beverage is filtered with techniques used in the wine industry securing the beverage quality and removing 99% of coffee sediment.


The Coffee

The coffee used for this beautiful Cold Brew Coffee is a natural fermented coffee from Myanmar.
Grown and harvested at an altitude of between 1100 – 1600 masl.
The coffee cherries are collected at the Hopong cooperative where the coffees are processed, separated by village lots and further prepared for export.
This coffee is from the small village of Long Hay, one of the first village involved in the project initiated by the Winrock Foundation. A project involving specialty coffee professionals from around the globe to teach the people in the region the profession of specialty coffee production. Before this initiative 90% of local farmers were kept subdued and were fully dependant of the opiate production.
Offering the local farmers knowledge, tools and a direct connection to the specialty coffee market has created this project to rapidly spread and has created many entrepreneurial opportunities for this region.


Perfect serve:

  • We have found the beverage is best enjoyed at temperatures between 4-7 degrees Celsius

  • Served in whisky glassware like a whisky noser or preferrably a Denver&Liely Whisky glass.

  • appx. 75 ml or 2,5 fl. oz per serving

A special mention for Pieter Snijders for hand lettering the bottle design, a truly skillfull artist.
For more information, feel free to contact us.
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Ikigai Coffee – Cold Brew Coffee (0.7l)


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