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We have 10+ years of experience in coffee events

If your goal is to create an overall experience for your attendees or visitors, our coffee is made to add value to that. Serving the right cup of coffee at your event is a sign of respect for your guests.

Ikigai Coffee provides a high quality service with the best barista’s from the industry, making sure your guests have the best possible coffee experience while keeping speed of service in mind. Unless we both choose to do so strategically, the Hikari Brewbar can work wonders on keeping peoples attention for over 5 minutes. Giving your staff enough time to connect to your guests.

If you’re looking for high quality with high speed, we’ve done some of the largest festivals where we served consistent high quality coffee for thousands of people. Our current serving Record stands on 32.500 hot consumptions in 3.5 days. It’s not something we can do every day, but just to give you an impression of the possibilities.

Coffee simply is a crucial aspect to all types of events, you can not go without a decent cup of coffee. We just do coffee more than decent, it’s in our DNA. It’s our Ikigai.
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Our coffee is being served to be remembered. Not your average day coffee but a truly unique experience.

Served with amazing brewing techniques, impressive latte art and highly exclusive specialty coffees with flavour notes even the best sommeliers will be blown away by.  

Yes, we often compare coffee to wine. We test and taste our filter coffee selection from wine glasses and they often taste much better and more complex. Even nosing and tasting glasses often tend to enhance coffee flavour.

Yes we can serve coffee from a paper cup (sustainably), glass just tastes better.

coffee in wineglass


Espresso service with fine specialty coffee, served by the industry's most skillful barista's.


The coffee theatre. A way to serve coffee to remember and to attract the attention of your guests.


Filter coffee served with pace, quality and flavour expression. Served in wine glasses for experience

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