Leonardo Muñoz

Leonardo Muñoz is a coffee farmer from the small town Genova in the Nariño region in Colombia.

The husband of Gladys and a 4th generation coffee grower. Looking at the current situation he will probably be the last coffee grower of his bloodline. His daughters moved to the cities and only 1 has remained in Genova and married Ascencio Muñoz, who in his turn will probably take over Leonardo’s land.

Leonardo Muñoz has been a coffee grower his whole life.

Before our collaboration, Leonardo and his family sold their coffee to the Colombian Coffee Federation. By doing so they didn’t benefit from any increases in quality premiums. By connecting directly we can pay twice the price the family normally receives. A quality bonus is given to the best lots from this region.

The coffee from the Muñoz family is the result of a 4 year long collaboration with This Side Up Coffee to upgrade coffee quality in the region. Our friend Juan Pablo Lasso Argote was the initial “discovery” from Genova.

The coffee grows on an altitude of 1950-2000 masl. Castillo variety with some caturra.

The coffee has been depulped and fermented for 18 hours. After fermentation it’s been washed and dried until it reached the right moisture content.


You will finds taste notes of darjeeling tea, red apples, red fruit and milk chocolate.

Proudly used by first place contender Milou Savelkoul in the Licor43 “Most Passionate Barista Challenge” and Milou made the final 3 in the “EntreeMag Best Barista Award”.


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