Signatures – Colombia, Leonardo Muñoz

Signatures – Colombia, Leonardo Muñoz


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A prize winning coffee from Leonardo Muñoz!

Genova, Narino, Colombia

A small village of 1000 inhabitants where most people are fully dependent of the annual coffee harvest. By supporting coffee growers like Leonardo and focusing on improving coffee quality, a strong positive movement is set.

  • Currently being served at 2* michelin restaurant Ciel Bleu in Hotel Okura, Amsterdam

  • 1st place Licor43 ” The Most Passionate Barista Challenge” (Milou Savelkoul).

  • 2nd place in Entree Magazine ” Best Barista Award 2018″ (Milou Savelkoul).


Region:    Nariño

Farmer:   Leonardo Muñoz Lopez

Process:   Washed (18hrs of dry fermentation, washed and then dried until moisture content of 9%-11.5%)

Variety:    Castillo, Caturra

Altitude:  1950 – 2000 masl

Harvest:  2018-2019

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