PEAK Water Starter Pack

PEAK Water Starter Pack


Great coffee needs great water and with the Peak Water Starter Pack, you’re 3 simple steps away from both.

Everything you need to start brewing better coffee at home.

Bring industry-spec technology to your setup with the world’s first adjustable water filter jug.


– 1 x Peak Water Jug

– 1 x Filter

– 2 x Test Strips

– User Guide



A typical cup of filter coffee is 98% water, an espresso around 90%. The quality of that water has a profound impact on the quality of the cup — it’s as important as a coffee’s roast or grind. Good brewing water requires specifically balanced levels of bicarbonate: the mineral composition of the water and the variable with the greatest impact on a coffee’s cup quality. Your tap water is most likely, less-than-ideal brewing water.


Speciality-focused cafes use complex filtration systems to ensure that their brewing water is consistently within the bicarbonate ‘sweet spot’ — it’s why the coffee always tastes great. These systems are fully-adjustable, as water hardness varies dramatically from city to city, with some waters needing significantly more filtration than others. However, cafe filtration systems are expensive, cumbersome and unsuitable for use at home.


Peak Water’s unique adjustable filter design allows you to create bespoke, cafe-quality brewing water — at home. Start brewing immediately using the detailed recommended settings, or experiment and find your own sweet spot. With Peak Water, you can precisely control the minerals in your water and change the way you brew coffee at home.


  • Fully-adjustable Filter Settings
  • Premium Dual-Ion Resin
  • Carbon Matt Filtration (to remove unwanted organic compounds and chlorine)
  • Recyclable And Regenerable Filters
  • BPA-Free Plastic
  • Fridge Friendly Design
  • Designed and made in the UK
  • Filters 1.2 litres (2.4 litre capacity)
  • L 300mm x W 110 x D 225 (140mm at base)


PEAK Water Starter Pack


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