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Cold extracted Specialty Coffee with Lions Mane mushroom extract


  • Cognition
  • Focus
  • Memory recall
  • Creativity
  • Anxiety
  • Brain fog
  • Mood swings


When to consume:

30-40 minutes before creative or cognition demanding tasks. (Shorter for consumption on an empty stomache)

How to consume:

Open a bottle of cold LIONS BREW and enjoy. We made LIONS BREW with a fine balance of functionality and flavour enjoyment.

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noun [ˈkaɪ.zen] カイゼン

The ancient Sino-Japanese term for continuous improvement.

Optimising the biochemical processes in our bodies on our way to become a better self; we take the best that nature provides and make it better.



Due to the unique extraction process we have created a coffee experience like never before.


We used coffee from the Abakundakawa cooperative from Rwanda, where the coop members are being stimulated to increase biodiversity of their land via regenerative agroforestry practices. This way the soil becomes more immune, more fertile and crop yield rises. This coffee will become better every year, a true KAIZEN coffee. It’s a high grown and high grade specialty coffee which provides your Lions Brew with fruity flavour notes.


The other part is a rare single farm fine robusta from Thawat Khoniak from Chiang May, Thailand. A 3rd generation robusta farmer in a wheelchair producing robusta for quality instead of volume. A direct connection to our market makes it possible for him and many other farmers to escape the degrading traditional trade. Making his approach very KAIZEN proof and he has our full support.

The robusta produced by Thawat contains twice as much caffeine compared to an average arabica variety. Due to the specialty processing of the coffee at the farm, the taste can outperform many of these arabica’s with ease. Another big plus is the amount of polyphenols that also exceed many other varieties.

A robusta coffee has the potential to become a unique superfood if produced with a KAIZEN mindset.

Picture: Thawat Khoniak, Thailand

Lions mane (Hericium erinaceus) is a very strange looking mushroom. Besides it’s looks, it spiked a lot interest in the medical world because of the promising results in the fight against neurodegenerative diseases. But healthy biohackers found out that it also seems to improve brainpower in daily life. Ofcourse this has been know by traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. But now science has caught up with them. Time has come for you to discover LionsBrew.
The brain, our most powerful weapon in dealing with the challenges of this world. Besides aiding in our basic survival and reproduction it has a super power and that superpower involves learning, memory and higher thinking.
You maybe know that you can train this superpower by practicing, exercising and studying. But you can also improve it with the help of this alien-looking mushroom.
This mushroom has some very special properties. They are called neurotrophins. In particular brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). A growth factor. You can see it as MiracleGro for the brain.
  • cognition
  • focus
  • memory recall
  • creativity
  • Anxiety
  • Brain fog
  • Mood swings
But how can a mushroom have this effect? To know how this works, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist, although some neuroscience would come in handy. These benefits are mainly the result of BDNF increasing neuroplasticity, long-term potentiation and by increasing overall neurological health. These are the formation, growth, strengthening and protection of the connections between (new) nerve cells.
So it grows new nerve cells, makes connections in the memory stronger and it also protects against damage. Damage from what?
One of the major issues that have a big detrimental effect on the brain is stress. Stress can be physical, metabolic or emotional. It doesn’t matter.
The body and brain respond the same to stress from training, fluctuating blood glucose, stress from a bad relationship or work related stress and even your genes determine how well you can handle stress. That is why in the first place we created GoldBrew, to increase resilience against stress on the body from training, a true adaptogen (more on that in our podcast).
When stress hits the brain it gives us a cascade of problems. Problems we experience as anxiety, brain fog and mood swings, just to name a few. Now we have LionsBrew to fight stress in the brain.
Stress has such a big effect on the brain, that it even shrinks the brain when there is too much stress. As you now know, BDNF actually is a growth factor for the brain. Making LionsBrew a hefty ally in the battle against stress in the brain. People usually experience this in less anxiety, better mood, better memory and less ‘brain fog’.
Imagine how much better your superpowers can be when you can learn faster, recall better, focus sharper. You could create, care and enjoy so much more. Take LionsBrew as your ally.



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