3TEMP KOBRA design


BATCH BREWING filter coffee with precision.

Zoom in on coffee brewing recipes and lock settings for consistency and continuity.

The KOBRA provides you with:

  • Temperature profiling
  • Water pulse control
  • COLD BREW option (!)
  • Full brewing flexibility
  • Save and share recipes

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Dimensions: W275mm/D387mm/H830mm
Weight: 10 + 9 kg
Max power hot: 230V 1x2400W
Max power cold: 1x38W
Max power idle: 7W

Arvika, Sweden; the home of where the KOBRA was created and innovated.

It is in this small industrial town in the middle of Sweden, hard working men and women reap their harvest of diligent work; a work of tradition and dedicated skilled craftsmanship.

The Hipster is classified by baristas and coffee people all over the world as one of the best amongst filter coffee machines. It lets you control blooming, temperatures in 3 phases and water distribution for each recipe.

The Hipster is a game changer as it brings filter coffee to a new level. Precision of flow rate, temperature and extraction time are critical factors to reach the best possible extraction. In order to preserve the coffee’s origin in flavour and fragrance, makes the demands high on these 3 parameters precision in order to recreate the same taste experience time and again.

The fresh water system and the recipe parameters makes a huge impact on the taste and a tiny impact on the environment as it consumes barely 7 watts when not brewing.


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