Maria Argote & Ibeth Muñoz

The two ladies producing the coffee for Restaurant Felix are Ibeth Muñoz and Maria Argote.

Ibeth Muñoz

A 54 year old mother of 3 sons from the small village Genova in the region Nariño, Colombia.

Ibeth owns 1 hectare of land with 3500 coffee trees, which accumulates to a total annual production of about 600 kg of green coffee.
Besides coffee, Ibeth runs a small grocery store to support her local community and to make an extra income outside the coffee harvesting season.

Maria Argote

An 80 year old woman from the same small village, Genova, Nariño, Colombia.
Maria owns 2 hectares of land for approximately 5000 coffee trees. Resulting in an annual harvest of 1100 kg’s of green coffee.
Both women are directly connected to our specialty coffee market by our import partner This Side Up Coffees resulting in payments 50-65% higher than World C-Price and 5-6 times the fair-trade premium. By creating incentives for product quality upgrade, the two ladies can mutually benefit and develop themselves as entrepreneurs.
The World C-Pricing system has proven to undermine entrepreneurial acceleration of coffee farmers worldwide by disregarding quality assessments and finding the right product to market fit while facilitating direct connections between growers, importers, roasters and consumers.


During the harvesting season in June 2020, Ikigai Coffee, This Side Up Coffees and Argote Specialty Coffee will facilitate a field barista trip for Felix staff member, Nino Nederstigt. Together with other European coffee professionals Nino will experience the majority of the coffee picking and processing during harvest.
Farmers: Ibeth Muñoz & Maria Argote
Region: Genova, Nariño
Process: Fully Washed
Variety: Catillo, Caturra
Altitude: 1950 – 2000 masl
Taste notes: Milk chocolate, nectarines, raisins and panela (Colombian sugar cane)
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