In a nutshell: 

Coffee is a magical product, it’s perhaps the most powerful social beverage and has unprecedented benefits to human health, but..


The coffee industry can be an untransparent industry with many dark places; more often than not, coffee farmers are exploited and their needs are neglected. The mass trading of coffee, the commodity exchange does not include safe guarding systems for coffee producers to guarantee a minimum price for their coffee, nor for a living income. It also does not include any incentives for farmers to produce a quality product, they have survival priorities. This way the coffee will continuously decline in value, making things worse especially for the producers.

We are currently seeing a migration of coffee farmers moving from coffee (low risk but low pay) to different crops which in some occasions includes opiates (higher risk but higher pay).

Soils are being depleted, pesticides are increasingly being used and overall coffee flavour is declining. To balance the decline of quality, coffee is often roasted darker to hide the negative flavour aspects and defected flavours. The end product will show flavours of the roasting process instead of the actual coffee bean.


We are changing this:

The collective Ikigai Coffee is a part of is dedicated to create more opportunities on both sides of the value chain and equally evolve as entrepreneurs. By simply covering costs of production and living income coffee production becomes more sustainable and equitable. On top of this logic pricing a great variety of value points can be added.

Coffee quality will improve with every harvest and farmers can grow and sustain their business for future generations.


With this in mind I, Jeroen Brugman, started recording this podcast to share the stories of the projects Ikigai Coffee supports and the people behind the work that matters.

Coffee quality matters, human lives matter more. Combining the two creates a better cup for all.


Find the Stories below and feel free to contact me for open dialogue or comments at info@ikigai.coffee




Episode #6 Isabel van Bemmelen, Progreso Foundation & BeyCo Platform

spotify_Ikigai Coffee podcast

Isabel van Bemmelen in the Ikigai coffee podcast

Episode #5 Maarten van Keulen, Circular Coffee Collective, Netherlands

spotify_Ikigai Coffee podcast

Episode #4 Meine van der Graaf, Futureproof Coffee Collective, MVO Nederland (DUTCH)

spotify_Ikigai Coffee podcast

Episode #3 Juan Pablo Lasso Argote – Argote Specialty Coffee, Colombia

spotify_Ikigai Coffee podcast

Ikigai Podcast Juan Pablo Lasso Argote


Episode #2 Fuadi Pitsuwan – Beanspire Coffee, Thailand

spotify_Ikigai Coffee podcast

Ikigai Podcast Fuadi Pitsuwan

Episode #1 Sara Morrocchi – Vuna Origin Consulting

spotify_Ikigai Coffee podcast

Ikigai Podcast Sara Morrocchi


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