Burundi | Twaranyuzwe | Washed

Burundi | Twaranyuzwe | Washed


We purchased this coffee as a result of our collaboration with Pure Africa Coffee, an importer of green coffee from Rwanda, Burundi and soon Uganda. For this Collaboration, Ikigai Coffee takes care of the quality assessment of the coffees from all visited coops and when a coffee like this hits the table, we just had to share it.

Coffee Cooperative Twaranyuzwe is located in the highest mountains of northern Burundi. A famous area for growing specialty coffee. After a long hike through small villages with mostly farmer family’s, the washing station of Twaranyuzwe comes into view.

Twaranyuzwe already has some partnerships with other exporting companies. The washing station is well organized and their ambition is to expand their business to Europe. They are strongly motivated to work with direct trade to improve the profitability and quality. Even though Twaranyuzwe is a professional organization, they struggle to improve the livelihoods of the farmers. Caused by low international coffee market prices and dependency on middlemen.

More often than not, a bonus paid for quality does not find its way to the smallholders. But because of the well established and open relationships Pure Africa maintains with their partners in Rwanda and Burundi, the farmers receive premiums on top of their requested pricing for high cupping scores. Pure Africa also offers micro credits for partners to invest in their business and thus to avoid expensive loans from rural banks where interest rates vary between 20%-25%.

Country: Burundi

Region: Kayanza

Variety: Red Bourbon, Arabica

Crop year: 2021

Grade: A1

Altitude: 1750 – 1850 mail

Soil: Volcanic

Processing: Fully washed

Screen size: 15

Cupping notes: Green grape, milk chocolate, honey, red apple, black tea, cashew



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