Costa Rica | Don Alexis | ANAEROBIC NATURAL | 86.5

Don Alexis coffee family

Costa Rica | Don Alexis | ANAEROBIC NATURAL | 86.5


Owned by the Ramirez-Navarro family and founded by Mr. Alexis Ramirez, a farmer that dedicated his entire life to agriculture.

Finca Los Campos mostly produces Caturra-Catuaí but are transitioning towards F1 hybrids. Therefore Don Alexis now offers the Esperanza variety. More resilient against pests, climate fluctuations and an impressive increase in yield. This reduces farmer risks and creates more opportunities for the producer to invest in quality, farming practices and overall farm management.

The selectively picked ripe cherries are kept in bags for 4 days without oxygen before drying in the pre fermented fruit for 26-30 days. This results in a complex and fruity flavour profile.


Farm:   Los Campos

Owner:   Ramirez-Navarro family

Region:   Los Santos, Tablón del Guarco

Process:   Natural Anaerobic

Variety:   Esperanza (F1 Hybrid)

Altitude:   1750 masl

Flavour notes:  Almonds, Tropical fruits like Mango and Pineapple, Blueberries and pure chocolate.

Cupping score:   86.25

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