Coffeepixels Cascara

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Coffeepixels Cascara


Nutrient rich Coffee Bar.
Made out of the whole coffee fruit

Made by European Baristas.

The unique combination of 5 natural ingredients will keep you energized up to 4 hours, without unpleasant jitters or crash. A whole coffee bean and it’s fruit is turned into a mouth-melting, delicious coffee bar with the effective caffeine dose equal to a small cup of coffee, powerful antioxidants and fiber.

Features: up to 4 hour clean and healthy boost, mobile, ready-to-eat, time saving, zero waste coffee, all natural ingredients, rich in antioxidants, high dietary fiber, low sugar, vegan, no caffeine jitters or crash, mouth-melting “chocolatee” texture

Use Cases: morning rush, working, studying, afternoon slump, hustling, traveling, driving.

Ingredients: coffee bean, coffee fruit, cocoa butter, cane sugar, Himalayan pink salt

Taste: bright, fruity and complex, just like the best cups of coffee.
Flavor profile: black coffee, dried fruit, dark chocolate
Texture: smooth, rich, juicy
Aftertaste: lingering, grapefruit


Nutritional value: per single bar 10g

50mg Caffeine
3.98g Fat
2.84g Carbohydrates
2.48g Saturated fat
2.23g Fiber
0.79g Sugar
0.49g Protein

21400 Antioxodant ORAC* Value, μmol TE / 100g

*Oxygen radical absorbance capacity, method of measuring antioxidants

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🏆 Best New Product – World of Coffee 2018, Amsterdam

We take ethically sourced specialty coffee beans (Ethiopia) & coffee fruit (Panama), combine them with organic cocoa butter, add just a dash of spices and stone grind them into a liquid mass. Once it’s smooth and silky as the finest chocolate, we mold it into the single portion coffee bars.

With a mindfull dose of caffeine and unique brain antioxidants together with cocoa butter Coffee Pixels delivers clean, sustainable energy for your mind to stay sharp and focused for hours. No less important is the fact that with use of the whole coffee fruit it’s the first coffee product in the market completely wasteless in production – not just good for you, but also good for the world.

Slow Caffeine: With Coffee Pixels nutrients (including caffeine) are thoroughly mixed within cocoa butter – a natural saturated fat. As it takes time for our bodies to digest the fat, also the nutrient release will happen gradually. Therefore, caffeine is never absorbed all at once, but rather slowly ‘micro-dosed’ into our system, expressing its effects as more subtle and lasting.

Brain Antioxidants: In Coffee Pixels Cascara we use coffee fruit a.k.a. Cascara – the same fruit coffee bean to develops inside. It’s recently found it contains large amounts of valuable antioxidants – Polyphenols & Flavonoids. Some tests even rank Coffee Fruit as the richest fruit in antioxidants on the planet. Research shows, with regular use, these valuable antioxidants can help the brain in maintaining focus, improves memory & overall mental performance.

Coffeepixels Cascara


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